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I have been following you for almost 3 years on FB.

And I will not stop saying thank you for the logic, for asking the right questions, for the real science and doubting it, and for humanity, that so many people lost.

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I, a father of nine was raped by my government and brethren when I was coerced against my will to take this gene therapy. I was living a horror story for the past two years thinking to myself that " Never Again" actually did happen again. If things wouldn't have winded down, I truly believe people would have been placed in camps. I will never forget and never forgive anyone in leadership positions that should have known better. And that includes especially the rabbis that should have had the foresight to realize that what was happening wasn't right. It was only because of their compliance to government dictates that this evil horrific mess was able to take place.

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Well spoken. Well written.

Thank you

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Thank you for your courage and sharing. Israel needs to clearly wake up to disaster that the PM created when he signed up with a drug manufacturing overlord. Israeli citizens duped in the worst possible way. There are many that must be held accountable. The world has been watching Israel. The world must continue to watch as the truth becomes evident in Israel and how badly wronged the citizens have been treated as guinea pigs.

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Dr Leibowitz thank you so much. You are a courageous and moral human being and a physician. I am sure that, in time, the truth will come out.

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Dr Leibowitz, thank you for your vision, your leadership and this exact post.

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Thank you Raya, I am happy to be one of the (far) family that agreed with you and supported you and your views.

Many thanks, Eitan

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Thank you for your courageous voice Doc.

Early 2020 here was also the HIGAYON BAREE scientists who bravely voiced the fact that chasing a respiratory virus is like chasing the wind.

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Lovely article. Thank you.

The pharma fascism must never be allowed to repeat itself.


In South Africa we only have a 35% vaccination rate.

But, all South Africans have BCG as children which gives us 92% long term protection.

We have all had covid, reached herd immunity and are moving on with life.


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Thank you much Raya for you courageous voice. Thank you for your morals and ethics. You don not need the Yom Kippur to tell us what you have done during the last 3 years.

Some years ago a very intelligent Jewish scientists say:"One should behave no less nicely between Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah". It seems that you got some of his DNA. Shana Tova

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